Lindfield Nursery School
King Edward Hall, Lindfield, Sussex
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We welcome comments of all kinds from our children and their parents as this is the very best thermometer of our continued success. Please leave a comment on our Contact Page so that we can gauge the effectiveness of our School. Please be as constructive and frank as possible.


“My son settlled in quickly to Lindfield Nursery School and is very happy there. We are always greeted with happy faces from  all the lovely, friendly staff. Isaac enjoys his playtime and likes to tell me about his friends and all the games they have played that day”                                        

                                                                              L.A, Lindfield


Poppy & Emily started at Lindfield Nursery School in January and we've been delighted with both their progress and how well they've settled in. The teachers are lovely and adopt a great balance of being kind but firm. We've been impressed with the range of activities that the girls get involved with, not least how many different songs they now sing at home. From an administrative perspective, the nursery has been really accommodating of a change in our requirements and we consider the fees great value for money. The girls are proud to put on their nursery t-shirts and are happy to go in when we leave them. The nursery was recommended to us and I'd definitely recommend it to other parents.

                                                                              J.C, Lindfield




“Matthew has settled in very well to Lindfield nursery and is making friends. He is always excited when I tell him it's a "nursery day"! All the staff are kind and friendly with the children and I feel reassured to know that when I leave Matthew there he is well cared for and has lots of fun."

                                                                             R.T, Lindfield