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King Edward Hall, Lindfield, Sussex
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Lindfield Nursery School is held at King Edward Hall, Lindfield, Sussex, RH16 2HH which is situated in the heart of the village of Lindfield opposite the village pond.










King Edward Hall, Lindfield


King Edward Hall is ideally located within the village and has the benefit of offering Lindfield Nursery School the perfect, safe and secure environment within which the children can exercise their new found creative flair, nurtured and encouraged by all of the staff of the School.


Please click the map link below to see the location within the surrounding area if you are not sure of the exact location or how far it is from your place of residence. Although we encourage parents to walk their children to School , a much healthier option, adequate drop off points are available outside the Hall if a vehicle is used.

If you are new to the area, or simply wish to find out a little more about Lindfied and the surrounding villages and towns, you may find some of the links below extremely informative.

Sometimes we all, in this busy life, miss out on what is happening ‘just round the corner’ so take a few minutes to browse through the information.




















Lindfield Pond and King Edward Hall










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