Lindfield Nursery School
King Edward Hall, Lindfield, Sussex
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Book of the Term
Each Term we look to recommend a book for all children to have access to at home.

We encourage all parents to purchase a copy, usually costing £2.00 to £5.00 and to actively read through the book on a regular basis with the children.

The Terms Book Choice is carefully chosen to encourage a love of story telling with the children and for them to gain an understanding of nature, animals, fiction and reality.

During Nursery School, the children will again be read passages from the Terms Book Choice and encouraged to talk about the content, what they found fun and interesting, and what they understand from it.

Participation in these sessions helps develop interactive skills required in the children’s later school life. It also gives them a sense of belonging to the group as they all have a shared experience in the text of the chosen book.

Remember to check out this web site at the beginning of each Term to ensure that you have the latest Book of the Term.
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