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How do I choose a Nursery School?


It is always difficult to decide the best schooling experience for your children, they all have different needs and skill levels. Choose a school like Lindfield Nursery School where children are treated as individuals and not institutionalised. Arrange to take your child for a trial session prior to enrolment and observe how he or she mixes with the other children and the educational environment. Express any concerns you may have to senior management of the school and their responses carefully. Look at the facilities - is it in a private home environment that may not prepare your child for Junior School effectively. Check out the equipment levels and safe, and secure outdoor play areas. Check out the Ofsted report on the school and make sure there are no ‘Unsatisfactory’ areas. Finally, but of greatest importance, talk to the teaching staff, and observe them regarding their care and attention to the children - it should be as good as yours!


How much should it cost?


Fees for Nursery School Education vary wildly depending on the facilities and services offered. You should look at whether you feel the individual fees are value for money, or above your budget as taking a child out of Nursery Education after a short period could be harmful to the child’s education. Discuss sibling discounts if you have more than one child who would use the individual Nursery School, some schools do not offer such facilities. Ensure that the fees include all facilities, outings  and drinks, etc as ‘extras’ can seriously increase fee levels and make a reasonable starting fee expensive.


Inclusion/Exclusion Policy/2 Year Old Funding


Unlike some schools, Lindfield Nursery adopts a total Inclusion Policy where all children, regardless of ability, or needs, are welcome, subject, of course, to space availability. The Nursery is Registered for 2 year old funding and able to provide the highest standard of care and educational development appropriate to their age. Please feel free to discuss your child’s individual needs with Terisa Tuffin personally, in confidence, so that a suitable learning package can be individually tailored for your own child’s requirements.

Helpful Tips

Is there any help with the fees?


The simple answer is Yes! The Government subsidy towards Nursery Schooling is available the term after the child reaches their third birthday. At Lindfield Nursery we offer a complete advisory service for the claiming of subsidies that are rightfully due to each parent and will help all parents gain their full entitlement by making the claims on their behalf. Unlike some Schools, we are also registered for 2 year old funding. Please discuss your needs personally with Terisa Tuffin, in total confidence.


Should I choose a School with a Uniform?


A difficult question to answer as Uniforms can cost a large amount. At Lindfield Nursery School we firmly believe that a uniform makes the child proud to belong to the school and helps the child integrate with their peers. We keep the cost to an absolute minimum by making the uniform upper body only, consisting of a Polo Shirt and Sweatshirt with the school logo and in the school colours. These garments are held at the school making them even more value for money. Some second hand, excellent quality uniform items, are also available from the school saving even more.


Will the School publish photography of my child?


Most schools publish photography of the children at their school. However, the policy at Lindfield Nursery School is to publish only general pictures of special events, etc, and then only of children where the parents have given permission in advance. Most other photography shown on this website is from library pictures and not of children at our school.


Why should I choose Lindfield Nursery School?


Firstly, check out our Ofsted Report, and read the amazing comments within the same. Next, check the box on the enquiry form and get a copy of our Prospectus, this will give you a better understanding of our aims and objectives. Next, come and see us, and experience how well our children learn within the environment of Lindfield Nursery School,

We are certain that it is the best Nursery Learning Environment in this area of Sussex and will give your child the very best start in life.