Lindfield Nursery School
King Edward Hall, Lindfield, Sussex
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Ofsted Accreditation

Lindfield Nursery School is regularly inspected by Ofsted to ensure that the staff and facilities are of the highest standard.

Ofsted award a grade to all accredited schools following a detailed inspection of the facilities and the methods

adopted by the staff. Their inspectors check

that the School is following all National

Guidelines and facilitate the children’s learning

in the correct manner.

Grades are awarded as Unsatisfactory,

Satisfactory, Good and Outstanding.

We are extremely proud to inform you

that Lindfield Nursery School currently holds a

‘GOOD’  accreditation result in all areas of


This report can be viewed by clicking the link

below and should be compared with other

Nursery Schools in the area when the  

decision is being made as to the Nursery School

choice for placement of your child. Ofsted

reports are the best method of choice, other

than personal experience of the school, and can be relied upon for an impartial snapshot of the quality of the School and the facilities offered.

Take a look at a comment from the Ofsted Inspector shown next, and also check out what our own pupils’ Parents say about the quality of our School, and the Education of their children whilst being with us in our ‘Testimonials’. We think they say everything you will wish to hear!

Quote from the Ofsted Report 2013:-


“Staff successfully promote all aspects of children's emotional and physical well-being. They treat children with warmth and kindness. This helps children to feel safe and secure and supports the development of strong, trusting relationships. Children's behaviour is good. Staff sensitively support those children who are learning to take turns with gentle but consistent explanations about the need for sharing. They help children develop the skills to say no when another child does something they do not like. As a result, children are gaining good personal, social and emotional skills and are learning the importance of respect for others. Staff are genuinely proud of children's achievements and efforts. They offer lots of praise, which builds children's self-esteem and confidence in their abilities”.














When viewing the report you will see that areas that can be improved upon are highlighted by the Ofsted Inspectors and the management team are currently working with the other staff members to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ result in all areas in the next round of inspections.


The full Ofsted Report can be seen by

Clicking the link opposite to download

The Ofsted PDF.

Ofsted Link.