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Lindfield Village Day
Saturday 1st June 2013
This years Village Day got off to a great start with the fine weather bringing out a record number of villagers and visitors to join in the fun and watch some great free entertainment in the centre of the village green.
With over 100 stalls set up on the village green the event has taken the accolade as ‘The Best Ever Village Day’ to date.
The Lindfield Nursery School stall mirrored this great success being visited by almost everyone including, of course, Parents, Friends and  the Nursery Staff who were not working on the stall.
In addition to the Raffle and Gecko Making Classes there was a well used Quiet Area behind our stall so that tired Mums, Dads and children could recharge their batteries.
Our Raffle raised over £80 to improve the facilities of the Nursery, so many thanks to all those who contributed.
Next year we plan to increase the size of our stall to offer more attractions and a larger ‘Quiet Area’ for relaxation and refreshment that will be open to all. So, everyone look out for the announcement of the 2014 date and come and join in the Fun!!
In the Main Parade the children, who designed and made their own headdresses were awarded a Rosette for 3rd Place - well done kids!!!
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